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Hiking trails

There are many hiking trails that can be found in the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park.

Thanks to the rich landscape of the area, we can highlight the following routes as the most emblematic of the Natural Park.
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Borosa River Hiking Route

It is one of the most beautiful routes in Cazorla and the most visited in the Natural Park. The A-319 road joins Cazorla with the Pantano del Tranco. On this route is La Torre del Vinagre and there, next to the fish farm and the Botanical Garden, the route begins.

The Trail follows the course of the Borosa River, a tributary of the Guadalquivir. In it you will enjoy spectacular landscapes, you will go through a wooden walkway that will make you enjoy the river even more and you will see different waterfalls and natural landscapes that make the route even more special.
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Nazari Border Route

You go through a border area between Arabs and Christians that lasted 3 centuries until the capture of Granada in 1492. You can visit one of the most beautiful places in the Natural Park, La Cueva del Agua next to the Tíscar Sanctuary and the Peñas Negras Castle with some awesome visits. This route lasts between 2 and 3 hours.
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Sendero Río Castril

The Castril river path is the last stop on the Water route, which belongs to the province of Granada in the town of the same name. A route where you can cool off in the river in summer and go through the wooden walkway, suspension bridge and tunnel.

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