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Cazorla, festival and culture

Enjoy the wide cultural and festive offer of Cazorla discovering this jewel through its customs and festivities, such as the procession of Cristo del Consuelo, Bluescazorla or the conch shells of San Isicio among many other festivities.
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Procession of the Christ of Consuelo

As an Andalusian town worth its salt, Holy Week in Nerja enjoys unique acceptance by the people. Three brotherhoods celebrate four processions from Holy Wednesday until Easter Sunday.

On Holy Wednesday the procession of Jesus Captive and the Virgin of the Incarnation leaves from El Salvador church. The brotherhood of Jesús Nazareno, the one with the greatest fervor, organizes two processions: on Holy Thursday the Nazarene leaves with the Virgin of Hope and on Good Friday the Holy Sepulcher leaves with the Virgin of Loneliness. On Easter Sunday, finally, the Risen Christ comes out with the Virgin of the Assumption.
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Snails of San Isicio

Documented from the s. XVI, is considered the oldest tradition and celebration of Cazorla that is preserved today. On the night of May 14, the Cazorleños and Cazorleñas move to the nearby hermitage of San Isicio, built in the s. XVII, and, at nightfall, the transfer of the image of San Isicio to the Church of San José through the municipality begins. During the transit to Cazorla, numerous figures known as “caracoladas” are lit.
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Blues Cazorla

The International Blues Festival "Bluescazorla" has become one of the best blues festivals in the world, making the town of Cazorla the city of blues every July.

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